What to Bring to Your Appointment

We are looking forward to your upcoming appointment!

We are looking forward to your upcoming appointment!

Gathering all, or most of the information below will help make our meeting more productive.  Kindly send this to us ahead of time if possible:)

  1. Your own agenda of what you would like to discuss. Please email or call with your agenda items ahead of your appointment so I can be best prepared if applicable.
  2. Statements of your other investments, 401ks from past employers, current 401ks, IRAs, Mutual Funds, Annuities, bank and credit union accounts held outside of our firm.
  3. The details of your match formula for your retirement plan at your employer. Such as - your employer matches 25% of the first 5% of your contributions.
  4. Loan balances and interest rates including your mortgage, car loans, business loans, credit cards and student loans if any.
  5. The monthly total or breakdown of your monthly (spending plan) budget including gas and groceries, fun money, insurances etc.  Ask for our expense worksheet to aid in updating your spending plan.
  6. Your income sources and annual amounts. Feel free to also bring a copy of your federal tax form.
  7. Life insurance death benefit, cash value and premium amounts.
  8. Who do you know in your golf group, retirement group, a colleague, neighbor or family member that you would like to help by referring them?

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